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You Can Totally Dress Like Kendall Jenner

You Can Totally Dress Like Kendall Jenner

When it comes to model-off-duty style, few of fashion’s current It-Girls do it better than Kendall Jenner and her street style is proof. Whether she’s shopping in New York City with her sisters or is spotted on her way to dinner with friends or her boyfriend in Los Angeles, Jenner has curated a pretty stellar wardrobe that relies on a lot of staples that everyone can pick up for themselves right now.

I’m talking about pieces like baggy graphic tees, tailored shorts and black knee-high boots. These are the kinds of items that you buy once and own forever, so they’re often worth the splurge. It’s time to get shopping, people!

Sure, buying a bunch of trendy pieces can feel exciting at the start of every new season, but that high can wear off fast. More often than not, you’re left having to buy an entirely new wardrobe every time the weather changes. I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not have the budget to be doing that these days. I’ll be sticking to Jenner’s simple fashion rules from now on, thank you very much!

Every modern-day fashion girl knows that the secret to having a real, clear, sense of personal style is to own a few simple pieces that look timeless year after year. Once you have those items nailed down in your collection, you can always add in a newer accessory or two to make any outfit feel instantly modern. If you’re on the hunt for some Jenner-approved pieces that are on the trendier side, consider buying a pair of chunky dad-inspired sneakers or a slender pair of black sunglasses this season. The model has actually been spotted wearing similar items recently.

I personally love Jenner’s slew of high-glam looks on the red carpet or on the runway at Fashion Week, but there’s something about her street style that just draws me in and makes me want to copy just about everything she wears.

While her little sister Kylie prefers to go full-out all the time with her looks, Kendall takes a much more chilled-out approach to getting dressed. But honestly, it makes sense that she would opt for a more laid-back look on her days off. You need a break from the glam sometimes, right?

Yes, she does tend to wear a ton of neutral colors like black, cream and tan, but she also adds in a few pops of color or patterns she loves shades of bright blue and zebra-style prints, for instance to keep her daily looks from feeling too simple. The resulting outfits never feel overly planned out, even though I’m sure that many of them are. Leather trousers also seem to be a favorite, which proves that just about any item can be worn during the day or at night. It just depends on the styling!

Read on to check out 10 of the cutest ‘fits that Jenner has ever worn to use as some pretty serious inspiration right now.


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